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Pattaya Scuba Diving

Pattaya Scuba Diving

Pattaya Scuba Diving with No Limit Divers – What to expect and the reality of diving here the good and bad.

Thailand is full of wonderful dive locations Koh Tao, Phuket, Phi Phi, and Pattaya is no different. While it may not be the main focus of most tourist that visit Pattaya, it does have it’s fair share of reasons to come and dive here. First of all lets clear up a few things by stating the obvious… You will not get the 20-40 meter visibility you do in other locations and more often than not it is around 3-10 meters. You also do not have the same sort of marine life as many of the southern locations, but what we do have is several nice wrecks, a few good coral reefs, wonderful food, plenty of nightlife and party spots, and reasonable prices. Let us take a look at each of these.

Visibility – Pattaya is not known for its crystal clear visibility but with that said we do have decent 5-10 meters. This is something we merely accept with Pattaya scuba diving. We actually get excited with 12-15 meter visibility days.


Wrecks – Pattaya has a variety of shipwrecks between Pattaya and Samesan which include the HTMS Kut, HTMS Mathapon, HTMS Khram, The Bremen, and finally the infamous “Hardeep”. Those divers visiting Pattaya will certainly find at least one or two of these worth the dive. The Hardeep is well known as it can be a complicated wreck dive depending on tides, currents, visibility, and the unpredictable aspects of Samesan.

Marine Life – No matter what part of Pattaya while diving you will encounter pretty much the same sort of marine life. Sea Turtles, Spotted Rays, Bamboo Sharks, Eels, small Eagle Rays, Marble Rays, Puffer Fish, and depending on the time of year a few dolphins, and even a very rare Whale Shark sighting or two (Over the past 4 years two have been seen in the oddest of places)

Nightlife – Pattaya offers a wide variety of nightlife that most of the other dive locations in Thailand do not offer. You have everything from floating markets, theme parks, malls, tiger temple, the famous walking street, and a variety of food from all over the world. Actually this is part of the Pattaya Scuba Diving experience. Most people come to Pattaya to do other things and dive where as other destinations people plan a dive trip and end up doing other things if available. This along with the short drive from Bangkok makes Pattaya a highlighted mark for tourist who do dive.

Prices – Diving in general across Thailand is fairly similar. Usually it is around 3000-3300 baht for a two dive day with lunch. This is pretty much a standard but the hotels and apartments are much more reasonable than say Koh Tao or Phuket. While scuba diving prices are in line with most of Thailand you will find great deals on hotels and nightlife and food.

Overall on a scale from 1-10 I would say Pattaya Scuba Diving comes in around a solid 6 to 6.5. We may not have the greatest visibility or the active marine life of other locations but we do have our shipwrecks and nightlife and easy access from Bangkok. You will find scuba diving at all levels here from beginner courses like PADI Discover Scuba Diving to Advanced Technical Trimix diving. Come visit us, see the nightlife, enjoy some diving, and hopefully at the end of your trip you have some memories to look back on. Contact us to book your trip today.


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