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Deep Diving

No Limit Divers PADI Deep Specialty video. If you want to expand your diving abilities and add the PADI Deep Diver specialty to your dive certifications come by and see us. The course is a two day course consisting of 4 open water dives to a maximum of 40 meters.

The benefits of taking this course are that it allows you the ability to dive to a recreational maximum of 40 meters and teaches you the proper skills and training to safely plan and execute a dive at these levels. Depending on the dive location or your interest there might be a wreck or some interesting place you need to go beyond 30 meters. We always focus on diver safety at No Limits Divers and during this No Limit Divers PADI Deep Specialty we had a safety diver in the water along with the instructor and student.

We have a great time doing this course with a friend of ours who is visiting from Holland named TK and who edited the video on youtube. you can see the entire video at No Limit 40m Deep Dive and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

February 2018
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